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Don't spend years building and maintaining your own internal Kubernetes platform. Use the best-in-class features of loft as the core for your internal Kubernetes platform. Loft lets you build your Kubernetes platform faster and it is extendable and customizable to suit the needs of your infrastructure and engineering teams.

Installation via CLI or Helm

You can install loft into any Kubernetes cluster in a matter of minutes with the interactive setup command: loft start

Clusters, Apps & Templates

Connect Kubernetes clusters from any public or provide cloud to your loft instance, add backing services for your engineers such as an ingress controller or cert-manager, and define security templates for isolation.

Self-Service for Namespaces + vClusters

Give your engineering teams access to the host clusters you connected and let them create namespaces and virtual clusters themselves whenever they need them. Loft takes care of isolating workloads.

User Limits & Sleep Mode

Define resource limits for the users of your Kubernetes platform and loft will enforce them for you. Track cost and enable sleep mode, so loft will turn down idle namespaces and vClusters automatically.


Install loft in 5 minutes

Add Superpowers

To Your Internal Kubernetes Platform

Connect Any Kubernetes Platform

Platform admins can set namespace and resource limits for users as well as configure how loft isolates these namespaces for secure multi-tenancy.

Let users, CI/CD pipelines and other automated scripts create namespaces on-demand in shared k8s clusters - via loft CLI, via loft UI and even via kubectl using the loft CRDs.

Virtual clusters are super lightweight and start within seconds. They are fully functional k8s clusters but contained within a single namespace of the underlying host cluster.

Use Cases

For Your Kubernetes Platform

Why Teams Choose Loft


Great Dev Experience
Full Access to vClusters
Cloud-Native Tool Stack


Peace of Mind
Secure Multi-Tenancy
Easy Setup + Management


Improved KPIs
Faster Engineering
Automated Cost Savings

Install loft in 5 minutes

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